Dark Ingot


The dark ingot is the primary ingredient of a darksaber. It is a synthetic kyber crystal built using techniques known only to the Darkblades, a sub-order of the Jedi, and the exclusive users of darksabers.

Darksabers are black-bladed lightsabers, their blades nearly flat, thin, and curved to a point more typical of a traditional metal sword. The black core of the blade appears to draw in surrounding light and color, leaving a faint white aura swirling along its edges, patterned like lightning.

Darksabers are stealthy, clandestine weapons. They operate soundlessly, even when swung with great vigor. (A darksaber stolen from the Jedi Temple by the Vizsla clan produced a high-pitched whistle because it was improperly maintained for over five thousand years. See The Clone Wars season 2 episode 12: “The Mandalorian Plot.”)

Darksabers have all the functionality of regular lightsabers. Their special construction allows them to make use of Dark Ingots, synthetic Kyber crystals created by Darkblade technicians using secret techniques.

Dark Ingot

These variants of Kyber crystals are unique, made only by members of the Darkblades. When installed in a saber specially built to handle such crystals, the result is a stealthy weapon with excellent killing power. A dark ingot is a lightsaber crystal though it will not fit standard sabers, only those made to house such a crystal.

Base Modifiers: Installing this crystal changes a saber’s base damage to 6 and critical rating to 2, and the weapon gains the Breach 1 and Sunder weapon qualities.

Modification Options: 5 Item Quality (Vicious +1) Mods, 2 Damage +1 Mods, 1 Decrease the weapon’s critical rating by one to a minimum of 1 Mod.

Hard Points Required: 1.

Price: (Restricted) 9,500 credits.


Dark Ingot

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