Sith_Era.pngThe Darkblades are a clandestine sub-order of Jedi. Its members operate at the direction of the Council of First Knowledge. Darkblades serve the Jedi Order as silent observers and, when action is necessary, its subtle hand.

Membership in the Darkblades is exclusive. Working covertly, the Council of First Knowledge hand picks the ranks of these task forces. Subtlety and stealth are prized traits, but any experienced Jedi can be targeted for recruitment. After their secret inductions, Darkblades delete their records or fake their deaths, leaving their old lives behind. These Jedi become shadows of their former selves, just as the Darkblades are a shadow of the Jedi Order.

Darkblades are insular in their operations and their unique methods of training. They have access to equipment and resources reserved exclusively for their sect. Initiates learn to use the Force to conceal themselves and move invisibly in enemy territory. Their cache of advanced stealth and disguise tools was developed by capturing and deconstructing the best technologies of the Republic’s foes. They also have access to the most powerful seers in the Jedi Order, whose visions alert the Darkblades to relevant disturbances in the Force.

These advantages let the Initiates operate with great effectiveness. They go unseen, clouding minds to conceal themselves and move invisibly behind enemy lines. There they spy, commit sabotage, and assassinate enemies with deadly efficiency. Initiates are masters of stealth and ambush, forgoing the head-on attack for a vulnerable flank. Even their darksaber combat techniques are misdirecting. They favor rapid feints; the only real attack is the one that kills.

The primary mission of the Darkblades is to erase all traces of the Sith in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War, particularly destroying dangerous Sith artifacts and rooting out dark side followers. This sort of work is best performed by lone operatives or small cells. Initiates often take a black-and-white perception of the world around them. They tend toward paranoia as a standard mode of operation, always looking for signs of the dark side in everything—including their own comrades. Initiates do not hesitate in their duty and are willing to betray anyone they consider evil.

The Darkblades see their role as eliminating enemies of the light and ensuring continued peace within the Galactic Republic. In favor of peace, they often practice restraint, recognizing that they don’t always agree with the Jedi Council as to who is a foe. But some Initiates take a more aggressive view, believing that more decisive actions are needed to successfully root out the influence of the dark side.



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