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This campaign guide provides rules for playing a cell of Jedi Darkblade Initiates in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War, around 5000 BBY. It primarily uses Fantasy Flight’s Force and Destiny game system with various modifications. It also makes use of Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion for additional rules.


Characters are made using the rules in Force and Destiny.

  • Knight-Level Play: Characters gain the advantages of the Knight-Level Play rules in the sidebar (Force and Destiny, page 104). The basic lightsaber mentioned is instead a basic darksaber with a Dark Ingot kyber crystal.
  • Group Resource: Darkblades can have any starting career and specialization, but the sect primarily recruits Sentinels (particularly Shadows) because those characters already have many of the tools needed to accomplish Darkblade missions. To bolster initiates, the sect provides a Jedi Holocron to each of its cells to use as a group resource. The holocron gives the group access to Discipline and Knowledge (Lore) as career skills. (For details, see Step 10: Determine Group Resource on page 109.)
  • Talent Focus: All talents cost 5 less XP to buy; that means all specializations provide their top four talents free. This does not apply to force power trees, just talents appearing on regular specialization charts. This rule intends to increase the number of talents in play and make additional specializations more viable for their cost.
  • Classic Jedi: The regular Force and Destiny setting assumes that the Jedi Order is destroyed and their training methods are lost. Force-sensitive characters are so weak that the Empire has not bothered tracking them down. But characters in this campaign are full Jedi, selected from the most talented younglings and trained using the accumulated knowledge of the prior millennia. To reflect their greater unity with the Force, player characters start with Force ratings of 3.


  • Multiple Attacks: This campaign restricts the number of hits a character can inflict with the result of a single combat roll. This affects any system that allows additional hits by expending ADVANTAGE, systems like the Auto-Fire and Linked weapon qualities or the Sarlacc Sweep talent. The cost is now 2 ADVANTAGE for the second hit, 3 ADVANTAGE for the third hit, 4 ADVANTAGE for the fourth hit, and so on. A character hitting a total of three times (two bonus hits) with Auto-Fire would have to spend five ADVANTAGE. This cost cannot be reduced by talents or by equipment modifications or effects.

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